MediForm3D brings Medical Modeling to Forsyth Central High School

MediForm3D brings Medical Modeling to Forsyth Central High School

Over the past year, MediForm3d and the Biotechnology department at the STEM Academy at Forsyth Central High School have been implementing a 3D medical modeling program, the first of it’s kind in the southeast.  Students now have the opportunity to study, collaborate, manipulate and print actual DICOM medical scans provided by doctors and veterinarians in the Atlanta area.   Patient specific 3D medical models are rapidly becoming valuable tools for doctors when planning for surgeries or complex procedures.   They are also used to improve communication with patients.  3D models  are much easier for patients to understand than traditional CT and MRI films which can take years of training and practice to read effectively.

Doctors send anonymized CT or MRI data sets to the students with detailed instructions on what part of the anatomy they would like printed.  Under the guidance and supervision of MediForm3d and the teachers at the biotechnology department, the students use state of the art software to segment or “extract” the desired sections of the scan.  For example, a CT scan of a chest includes all of the bones, organs, blood vessels, etc. located in that area of the body.  A cardiac surgeon may only be interested in the heart, more specifically, an up-close model of only the left and right ventricles which have congenital defects that need to be further studied and repaired. The models are purchased by the doctors which allows the program to fund itself for future growth.

Students who are interested in a career path in Biomedical Sciences or Healthcare have a unique opportunity to collaborate directly with doctors and veterinarians and work with some of the newest technologies in healthcare.  This blog will be updated with the projects that MediForm3d and the students have completed, stay tuned!


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